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With our privately-owned Data Center, take advantage of the BCI Cloud, harness the power of our state of the art infrastructure, or let us host your equipment. The BCI Data Center offers on-demand bandwidth and super computing power on a scalable level without the associated maintenance and energy consumption costs. Whether you have a robust IT staff or you’re managing your environment yourself, BCI can provide the framework for expansion into future technologies and is the secure solution for strategically managed IT services.

Business Benefits

  • Increase on-demand availability and operational flexibility
  • Raise the integrity of information with simplified backup and data retention
  • Securely deliver Windows, web, and applications to multiple devices: PCs, tablets, or smartphones 
  • Boost employee productivity and efficiency with hosted applications
  • Manage volumes of data from one central location - our local, privately owned Data Center 


To find out more, Email our BCI Enterprise Expert at comm@bcianwers.com