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Security is a strategy. With tools ranging from spam filtering and anti-virus products to VPN and firewalls, a BCI security suite can help protect your company’s valuable data; now and long-term.

Because security threats are constantly becoming more complex, we are committed to the practice of securing your business. As part of this process, BCI evaluates both internal and external vulnerabilities and makes customized recommendations regarding password management, hardware and software options, and security policies. After the initial implementation, we continually monitor and update your security measures to address ever-changing risks. 

Managed Security Suite
Managed Firewall- Install firewall(s) on premises; Configure firewall for best practices; 24x7x265 monitoring; Management of alerts and logs

Virtual Firewall - Install firewall(s) in BCI's Data Center; Configure firewall for best practices; 24x7x365 monitoring; Management of alerts and logs

Email Encryption/Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System

Physical Security

Access Control - BCI installs and can manage your on-site access control system:(group access controls, ID cards)

Video Surveillance - BCI installs and can manage your on-site video surveillance system

Security - Internal and external vulnerability assessment; Internal and external penetration test; Switch and Firewall analysis; Intrusion detection (IDS) validation; Router analysis; Wireless network analysis; Web application; Security testing; Security assurance; Physical security review

Network - Environment audit; Identification of network components; Creation of network map; Evaluation and advice on deficiencies, bandwidth, and telecommunications; Develop an upgrade plan; Survey end user experience; Jointly create an IT budget

Wireless Assessment - On-site environment evaluation and recommendation of quantity and placement of access points to ensure optimal wireless coverage

Penetration/Vulnerability Test – External scan of your network for vulnerabilities

HIPPA Assessment -
Managed self-assessment tool provided

Sarbannes Oxley (SOX)
- Managed self-assessment tool provided