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Server Virtualization
Arm your business with more resources, increased availability and operational flexibility with server virtualization. Virtual servers are helping IT administrators break the legacy of the "one application to one server" model. Don't fall victim to large investments and continuous IT attention; virtualization allows your business to change according to the demands of your industry with real-time scalability.

Desktop Virtualization
BCI's virtual desktop solution centralizes desktops in one location to simplify management of operating systems and applications, patches and upgrades, and troubleshooting. Virtualized desktops raise the integrity of your data by allowing you to simplify backup and retention policies. With on demand service, BCI's desktop solution can securely deliver windows, web, and SaaS applications or run full virtual desktops to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients - all with a high definition user experience. 

Virtualized Storage
Documents, videos, images; no matter what type of unique data is vital to your business, your information must live somewhere. BCI’s Virtualized Storage Solution enables file sharing, easier access to information, and consistent backup. Easily partitioned and highly scalable, volumes of data are managed securely from one central location. We are dedicated to helping you create a storage strategy tailored to your business’ needs and assets. 

Virtualized Applications

Your software applications are the key to your office productivity. Allowing BCI to host your business applications reduces your need for expensive maintenance costs as well as hardware and software overhead. BCI’s Cloud Application Solutions cover your office needs from word processing and accounting to customer relationship management – all based on your business’ demand: what you need, when you need it. Partnering with BCI lets employees access the tools they need to keep your business efficient around the clock. 






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