Description – Engineering: Engineer Level 1

The role of an Engineer Level 1 is to handle the tactical daily functions required to deliver services to the customers as assigned. The EL1 is also required to carry out the mission of BCI in the delivery of products and services companywide as assigned. This position reports to their assigned practice director and will have direct day to day responsibility for supporting customers.

Specific Job Duties

  • Methodology – The EL1 will follow the BCI standards for customer delivery to include:
    • Time management including response time
    • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations
    • Daily timekeeping to report progress and completion
    • Continuing professional development.
  • Technical Skills
    • Proficient at equipment hardware replacement and repair
    • Proficient at all supported Microsoft desktop operating systems
    • Knowledgeable of the physical installation of networking hardware and basic configuration
    • Knowledgeable of adding or replacing devices to customers networks
    • Knowledgeable of all supported Microsoft server operating systems administration
    • Knowledgeable of network cabling systems and functionality
    • Administrator level certifications in two industry partners
    • Broad based knowledge of industry standard software products in the support
  • Professional Development – The EL1 will be considered a technical resource and will be required to pursue and maintain industry certifications according to a predetermined plan
  • Utilization – The EL1 will be required to perform 70% of billable utilization in assigned tasks
  • Customer Service – The EL1 is responsible to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Resource scheduling – The EL1 will take assignments from the technical support desk and project management
  • Pre-Sales responsibilities – The EL1 will be required from time to time to engage in presales activities in the lifecycle of a project.
  • Other duties as assigned – The EL1 will be required to perform functions as assigned that may or may not be considered project management


  • Engineer Utilization – Automatically reported every Monday based on daily time entry
  • Professional Development – reviewed quarterly on personal development by practice director
  • Customer Satisfaction – reviewed monthly by the practice director based on customer service surveys | 601-427-4185