If your network isn’t correctly configured, it could be vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves and other threats. That’s not good for your business or your customers.

At BCI, we use state-of-the-art, proven security solutions and techniques avoid intrusions, while providing authorized personnel and users access to the important files and applications they need.

Every businesses security needs are different and hackers are always adapting their techniques, so we are very serious and proactive about staying up to date with the latest network security tools, threats and industry developments.

We can develop and provide you with a comprehensive security plan, recommending the right technology products, tools and services to safeguard your network, including:

  • IT Security Consulting: From firewall installation to intrusion detection services, our certified engineers can ensure your network and resources are safe.
  • Network Security Assessment: We can conduct an affordable but sophisticated on-site analysis of your network and it’s vulnerabilities to hackers, viruses and other threats. The report will include findings on any discovered security vulnerabilities, risks and implications, and our recommendations for best suited and most effective technical solutions, specific software, tools and implementation steps.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Our security engineers can create and install secure-access Internet and network connections for your branch offices, traveling or mobile workforce.
  • Firewall Installation: We can install and configure the best suited firewall to create a secure barrier between your organization’s network and the Internet.
  • Managed Security Service: To ensure the highest level of security, we can provide proactive, continuous monitoring of your network and firewall devices. Click here for information on our Better Managed Security Services


With a growing global workforce and customer base, “mobility” has become the new normal. In the business environment, mobility technologies boost productivity and connect remote workers, providing anywhere-anytime access to your corporate systems, applications, information, products and services. But mobility introduces new and additional risks and issues, and new technology requirements for your IT infrastructure. BCI’s experience and expertise across the mobile technology landscape can help you develop a mobile infrastructure that ensures control, compliance, and accountability in the increasingly mobile business environment.

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