Server Virtualization:

If your servers seem to be taking over, and making your server management challenges harder and harder. If they are taking up too much space, eating up your budget, and running up your energy bill. Then maybe time has come to consider virtualization. Whether UNIX or x86 based servers, we have the experience and expertise to solve server sprawl, streamline your operations, and save you money. We can help as little or as much as needed – from helpful guidance, a turnkey project or BCI hosted virtualization solutions. We will help you reduce your IT headaches and overcome server sprawl.

Storage Virtualization:

It seems that businesses are always needing more storage. Today storage is cheaper than ever, but before you buy another terabyte consider this: You probably already have all the storage you need. Storage virtualization allows you to tap the potential of the storage you already own. By virtualizing your storage (including the storage sitting within your server pool) you can free up unused storage space and streamline your storage capabilities. Utilizing virtualization technologies and industry best practices, BCI can help take the cost and complexity out of your IT storage infrastructure.

BCI also offers managed backup and vaulting. Learn more.

Desktop Virtualization:

Data security and backup are always a concern? If you would like to reduce IT equipment costs and the IT staff time required to visit each end-user’s computer, whether for management, troubleshooting or to install software? A virtual desktop can solve these problems and many more. Utilizing desktop virtualization allows users to enjoy the benefits of a desktop machine, and the IT staff can benefit from a centralized system. you will have the ability to update any, or every user’s software from a single location, securing your company’s vital and sensitive information while reducing the cost of ownership per user. BCI can work with you to assess your needs, design a strategy and implement desktop virtualization.

BCI Hosted IaaS: (Infrastructure as a Service)

Whether you need a single virtual server or to virtualize your whole data center, BCI’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a managed virtual computing environment that is secure, scalable, flexible and cost effective. With our simple service level options, you can choose the availability and business continuity options that suit your application and business needs.

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