Who is Jive?

Founded in 2006, Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. Jive is rapidly becoming the standard for business communications worldwide.

Jive Products: Jive delivers a range of Unified Communications products, including voice, video, contact center, and mobile applications.

  • Jive Voice: Jive’s cloud-based phone system comes with full PBX function, admin controls, and unlimited phone features.
  • Jive Video: Jive Video offers point-to-point and multipoint virtual meetings and video collaboration.
  • Jive Contact Center: Advanced contact center controls and monitoring are available through Jive Contact Center.
  • Jive Applications: Customers can access Jive services using their mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers.

Will this have any immediate impact on my account and configuration?

No. All the features of your account, such as numbers and call flow, will stay as they are without any interruption to service. At a later time, as we integrate with the Jive platform, your account will have new features and capabilities that will become available.

Will my billing or monthly services change?

Your bill will continue to come from BCI in the near term and your rates won’t change. As Jive and BCI integrate features and systems, you’ll be migrated to the Jive platform where your current pricing will be honored.

Will I be able to keep my numbers?

Absolutely. Number portability is a key aspect of the integration process, and Jive’s experienced team will assist you with this and all other aspects of the process.

What new features and enhancements will I have access to?

Jive offers a myriad of features, including online administrator and end-user portals that allow you to make all configuration changes in real time using a drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, Jive offers improved call analytics, a visual Dial Plan Editor, flexible call recording, and over 80 more features at no additional charge. As integration takes place, you will gain access to these and other features.

Will I need to purchase new phones or will my existing phones work with Jive?

No changes are required for your existing phones. At a future date, after the Jive and BCI platforms are integrated, Jive will take all necessary steps to make sure your existing phones will continue to function on the Jive platform.

Will someone from Jive let us know when integration is about to occur?

Yes, you will receive notices when integration to the Jive platform is on the horizon. At that point, prior to any go-live date, a Jive setup engineer will contact you and explain the process for converting your phones to Jive. The engineer will walk you through the system setup, as well as help you realize the potential benefits the Jive integration will bring to your business.

Do I call Jive if I have problems or issues with my phones today?

Currently, all BCI customers should still contact BCI Customer Support at 601-427-4185, Option 2, until you are notified to contact Jive support for any Customer Service or Support issues.

What if I have a question about the changeover to Jive?

Feel free to contact your existing BCI representative with any questions. For information on the Jive platform, check out our admin and end user manuals, or have a look at our training videos.