At BCI, we are proud of our people and the unique business culture we’ve developed. BCI is not just a gathering of highly skilled individuals, but a team of highly focused professionals working together to provide our customers the best possible solutions to their technology and business challenges. Working together in close partnership with our customers, we view every day as an opportunity to be better.

With a collection of the region’s finest engineers, maintaining the highest levels of certification with Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, EMC, Unitrends, Fortinet, Juniper Networks and numerous other technology partners, and having our Managed Networks and Cloud Computing, Security and Mobility Solutions, and Unified Communications practices all being led by CCIE’s, with deep, practical experience in their respective areas of service, we are able to deliver enduring results, true to each customer’s specific needs and situation.

In short, our people are the foundation of our success and our culture allows our people to grow and thrive. This is the key to our future.

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For more information or a quotation, please contact us by calling our toll free number or sending an e-mail to the below sales address.  If you already have a BCI account executive, you may contact them directly.

Phone: 601-427-4185